International Ocean and Air Freight

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Helpful tips for determining container sizes needed for your international shipment. We also cover the difference between Full Container Load shipping (FCL) and Less than a Container Load shipping (LCL).  If you do not have enough goods to fill a full container we offer LCL which is less than a full container load.  These tips will help you determine your shipping options when moving overseas.

Use these helpful tips on how to self-pack your container for international shipment. This can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of shipping overseas. You'll also find packing tips to keep your goods secure during the overseas move and many other tips like transit times, what you can and cannot ship, advice on the use of pallets and more. 

Do you know what an ocean freight bill of lading is?  Do you know who the Federal Maritime Commission is? Check out the shipping terms to familiarize yourself with the words used in international shipping . You will come across many of these terms when you ship overseas.     

It is important to know what requirements you need when you ship internationally. We have compiled a list of emails and phone numbers of each countries Consulate and Embassy. We recommend that you contact the country you are shipping or moving to. They can give you the current requirements for your international shipment.

There are many costs associated with international shipping. We make sure we give you a detailed description of the charges associated with your overseas shipment.  There will also be charges at your destination country. Contact your destination country's consulate or embassy to get the current information.   

To get the best accurate quote for your international shipment use our freight calculator. This will also help you determining if you need a container and which size or if you can send it Less than a full container load. The freight calculator is easy to use.   Just enter the number of items and it will do the rest.