International Ocean and Air Freight

Here are some basic conversions used for international shipping. 

1 Cubic Foot = 
.028 Cubic Meters

1 Cubic Meter = 
35.31 Cubic Feet

1 US. Pound = 
.453 Kilograms

1 Kilogram =
2.2 US Pounds

To get a accurate international shipping rate, you can download our freight calculator on the left to determine the volume of your freight which helps us give you a more accurate estimate and help you decide which shipping option is most cost-effective or you can download our excel spreadsheet and send to us.  It is also important to get good measurements of your boxes or goods to get you the best international shipping rates. 

Did you know in 1988 International System of Units (SI) also known as the Metric system became the standard measurement system for US Trade and Commerce. ​You may notice when you are shipping overseas from the United States you deal with both (SI) and Imperial weight systems.  You may see in a quote that the cost for shipping internationally is $10 a cubic foot or $350​ for a cubic meter. Are you confused?

Most countries use the SI or the metric system.  United Kingdom, Liberia, Burma now Myanmar and United States use the imperial system.  When shipping overseas from United Stated you will need to do some conversions.  Weighing and measuring objects has been going on for centuries. Do you know what the first measurement system to be developed was?

Depending on the size of the shipping container, you can load a certain amount of weight and volume.  If you were shipping feathers in one container you could fill the container full but not exceed weight limits.  If you were shipping bricks and you filled the container full you would exceed the the weight limit.   You may ask what weigh limit?  The container has a maximum weight that it can be filled and loaded on the ship, though if the container is trucked on a roadway it cannot exceed that states weight limit.